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Savoy Energy, L.P.

Phone: 231.941.9552

Our purpose in developing this site is to give our business partners (you) some information about the leasing process to aide you in making the leasing decision that’s right for you.  We have included many of the questions (10 Questions tab) we get asked when we talk to land owners regarding oil and gas leasing.  There are also some Useful Links that will direct you to other web sites that have information about the oil and gas industry.  We have photos of some of our successful wells and a little information regarding the Dormant Minerals Act.  

Throughout our site we have provided ways you can contact us, either by phone or email, to answer any specific questions or concerns you may have.  You can start with an overview of Savoy Energy, L.P. and it’s personnel if you would like.


Savoy Energy, L.P. was formed in 1989 by two of it’s primary founders, Tom Pangborn and Bill Sperry.  Tom, a geological engineer and Bill, an oil and gas attorney had worked together for several years in the oil patch before deciding to go together and form their own company.  Since that founding 21 years ago Savoy has drilled close to 300 oil and/or gas wells, produced several thousand barrels of oil as well as several million cubic feet of gas.  During that time, Savoy’s actions have earned them an excellent reputation with state regulatory agencies.  Savoy opened it’s second office in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2006.


  1. Acquire existing seismic data as well as existing well log data.
  1. Interpret the information.
  2. Acquire leases on potential developmental acreage.
  3. Perform enhanced 3-D seismic modeling on acquired leases.
  4. Interpret the information.
  5. Drill on identified structures and formations.


Tom Pangborn

CEO and Chairman.  Tom is a geological engineer and is responsible for identifying areas of potential oil and gas development.

Bill Sperry

President and General Counsel.  Bill is an experienced oil and gas attorney and is licensed to practice law in Michigan, Oklahoma and Texas.  Bill is also a member in good standing of the American Bar Association.

Cheryl DeYoung

Corporate Secretary and Treasurer. Cheryl has been with Savoy since its founding and is the Manager of Accounting.

Jack Rokos

Operations Manager.  Jack has been a Dual Drilling Driller, Tool Pusher and Production Manager before joining Savoy in 1992

Michigan Office

Savoy Energy, L.P.

920 Hastings Street, Suite A

PO Box 1560

Traverse City, Michigan 49685-1560

Telephone:  (231) 941-9552

Fax:  (231) 941-9885

Oklahoma Office

2700 Mid-Continent Tower

401 S Boston

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

Telephone: (918) 281-6398

Fax:  (918) 281-6399